FELLFAB® Acquires the Patent for an All Weather Pressure Infusion Apparatus

HAMILTON, Ontario – February 7, 2008 – FELLFAB® has recently acquired the patent of an All Weather Pressure Infusion apparatus called the FELCOMED® IV Pressure Infusion System. This device will primarily be used to treat individuals who require IV treatment in harsh, unstable environments where conventional methods of IV treatments are not accessible. These environments can include military battlefields, air evacuation missions, natural disaster zones, or any other extreme condition, all of which can benefit from such a device.

The FELCOMED® IV Pressure Infusion System is truly unique and offers a realm of benefits. It was designed to be easy to use and maintains it’s functionality in all types of weather. The device offers interchange ability and compatibility with various sizes of IV solution bags, it can switch from a 500cc IV solution bag to 1000cc IV solution bag without the need of any adaptors. Other key features of the FELCOMED® IV Pressure Infusion System include the built in viewing window which allows the operator to visually inspect fluid levels, an insulated interior which actually maintains temperature without the need of hot or cold packs, and the relative small size and light weight of the unit which make it very portable, and easy to store.

The FELCOMED® IV Pressure Infusion System will assist medical practitioners in their efforts to save lives. The acquisition of this patent is an addition to FELLFAB®’s portfolio of technologically advanced textile products. The industries served by FELLFAB® include: Aerospace, Aviation, Industrial/Material Handling, Military, and Transportation.

For more information on the FELCOMED® IV Pressure Infusion System, or the patent acquired by FELLFAB® please contact:
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