FELLFAB® Products In Space

HAMILTON, Ontario – April 17, 2008 – FELLFAB Limited engineers and manufactures innovative textile products for a wide range of industries. There are endless possibilities in which FELLFAB® can apply its vast experience and extensive knowledge of textile products. In operation for more than 55 years FELLFAB® has participated in many innovative projects.

FELLFAB® has been working with the Canadian Space Agency for many years and was recently selected as one of the companies to manufacture protective blankets for the Agency’s highly sophisticated equipment located at the International Space Station. Equipment in outer space requires the protection of specially designed thermal insulated blankets to protect it against the extreme temperatures eminent in outer space. When equipment is facing the sun, it is susceptible to extreme heat, yet when the equipment is in shade, it experiences extreme cold. The protective blankets are used to maintain the functionality of the equipment in either of these extreme environments and are similar to those that have been applied to the famous Canadarm.

Manufacturing such blankets takes a high level of skill and must be undertaken in a controlled environment. FELLFAB® maintains a class 100000 clean room in its Hamilton, Ontario facility to accommodate such projects.

FELLFAB® takes great pride in its work with the Canadian Space Agency and to be at the forefront of advanced Canadian manufacturing.

Below are links to pictures of the Canadarm and the Dextre project. You will see some of the components wrapped in FELLFAB® manufactured thermal insulated protective blankets.

For more information on the Canadian Space Agency, visit their web-site located at: http://www.space.gc.ca/asc/eng/default.asp.