Sales Leader

With more than 60 years of experience and three manufacturing facilities in North America, FELLFAB® is an industry leader providing engineered solutions using textile related products to many critical and demanding markets.

We are currently recruiting for a SALES LEADER to join our Hamilton Manufacturing facility.

 As an Employee of FELLFAB®, you will be entitled to:

  • A competitive salary (based on experience)
  • Health benefits
  • Annual bonuses based on Company performance
  • A challenging work environment, exciting products, and the ability to work with high profile customers

Primary Responsibilities:

The Sales Leader manages support functions essential to sales force productivity. These include planning, reporting, target setting and management, strategic sales process optimization, major account design In Focus, sales training, new strategic sales program implementation, sales compensation design and administration, and recruiting and selection of sales force talent.

The Sales Leader is responsible for the overall productivity and effectiveness of the assigned sales organization. Reporting to the President, the Sales Leader also works closely with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the appropriate objectives and priorities are enabled within the sales organization supported.

Mandatory Skill Requirements:

  • Develops a market profile and presence
    • Assists with the definition of overall strategic direction, strategies and priorities
    • Translates finalized strategic direction into practical operating plans for implementation
    • Ensures that collaborative efforts with Operations and Administration are sustained
    • Constructs a comprehensive, resilient client base and network to drive business initiatives
    • Consolidates and reports progress against plan to Vice President and colleagues as required
  • Builds cohesive strategic sales, marketing and customer relations effort
    • Implements plans, programs and standards of performance in line with strategic objectives
    • Promotes and reinforces related policies, programs and standards among sales management and staff
    • Transition sales team from relationship/transactional to Strategic Selling.
    • Resolves implementation challenges and optimizes operational/maintenance liaisons as needed
    • Takes prompt and effective corrective action in the event of performance variances
    • Reviews and refines plan/program intentions against actual practices and outcomes
  • Ensures key customer acquisition, retention and development
    • Designs and implements effective strategies for acquiring, retaining profitable customers
    • Introduces and encourages these programs among sales, marketing and operational contingents
    • Monitors customer satisfaction outcomes against future needs and current experiences
    • Aligns needed resources and supports for specific promotional initiatives and applications
    • Reviews and assesses sales / customer service performance against strategic intentions
  • Identifies unique selling points and business advantages for improving market share
    • Translates strategic objectives into product and service options, processes and standards
    • Assists and supports the development of product / service offerings, pricing and performance criteria
    • Monitors actual individual performance against intentions and resolves discrepancies and variances
    • Detects and reports market trends and opportunities and recommends responsive action
    • Prepares market / competitive analyses and forecasts as required to optimize market effectiveness
  • Contributes directly to results through active account management
    • Develops and implements account allocations and related practices to secure optimal sales
    • Gathers and makes accessible essential performance information and intelligence
    • Ensures that assigned accounts are managed seamlessly and successfully to optimize profit margins
    • Supervises and assists other sales personnel through hands-on coaching and encouragement
    • Conducts sales staff training and development to promote team effectiveness and efficiencies in performance
  • Contributes to relationship, culture and alliance building
    • Works with other management personnel to encourage cooperation and efficiencies through best practices
    • Promotes and enhances general awareness of organizational / strategic intentions, goals and standards
    • Promotes alliances with internal and external resource groups to serve and support ongoing operations
    • Stimulates and sustains meaningful staff involvement in community and special interest groups
    • Designs, implements and monitors public and industry awareness programs to support the organization

Definite Assets:

  • Working knowledge of PC based, Microsoft Office Programs
  • Strategic Selling Strategies
  • Leadership / Management
  • Relationship Building
  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • Team Building
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Problem Solving
  • Analytical Ability

 Education and Work History:

  • University Degree or College diploma in a related field and/or 7 to 10 years of industrial sales management experience

To apply please contact:

Christine Hoey
Human Resources Manager
2343 Barton Street East
Hamilton, Ontario L8E 5V8

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