FELLFAB® products span a wide range of markets.


FELLFAB® is a leading supplier of interiors and ground support products to the aviation industry. We work directly with airlines, aircraft manufacturers and OEMs to meet rigid specifications related to engineering, quality assurance and regulatory requirements.
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FELLFAB® is a major supplier of seating and interiors to the transportation and passenger rail industry. We offer both new and refurbishment solutions supplemented by long-term program management capabilities.
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FELLFAB® enjoys much success as a prime contractor in the military market. We are a supplier to the U.S. Department of Defense, the Defense Logistics Agency, and the United States Marine Corps. producing a diverse range of textile products for demanding military efforts.
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FELLFAB® is at the forefront of supplying industry with custom bulk shipping and storage systems. FELLFAB® solutions significantly reduce the risk of product contamination and dramatically improve materials handling costs.
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FELLFAB® is an industry leader in custom designing diverse and unique textile-based applications that meet or exceed customer requirements. The experience and expertise we have acquired serving the industrial sector are the foundation of our success, ensuring high quality and cost effective product performance.
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FELLFAB® supplies highly specialized textile products to the aerospace industry. Applications range from satellite communications to robotics. Our successes include participation in the CANADARM project for the Space Shuttle Program and International Space Station.
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