Materials Handling

FELLFAB® is a leader in the North American bulk container liner industry with custom bulk shipping and storage systems.

For more than 65 years, companies have looked to us for the answer to their concerns of protecting their products from contaminants while at the same time significantly reducing materials handling costs.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, we are capable of consistently delivering high quality and meeting rigid performance criteria, on time and on budget.

FELCO® Container Liner Systems

FELCO® Container Liner Systems are ideal for shipping dry, free flowing materials in bulk.

  • Noticeably reduce packaging and labour costs
  • Dramatically and economically reduce the risk of product contamination
  • Ideal for transporting free-flowing granular substances such chemical flake, powder and resin; food products, such as coffee, cocoa, wheat, beans, legumes, pulses, and other similar grains.
  • Bulk Container Liner Systems are compatible with 20’ to 53’ ISO containers
  • Drive efficiency. One operator can pneumatically load or unload 45,000 pounds of free flowing material in as little as 35 minutes
  • Available with integrated FELCOBOARD® bulkhead and alternative bulkhead configurations
  • Manufactured with a variety of materials including food grade and reusable materials

FELCO® Portable Silo Systems

Companies presently storing free flowing, dry materials in bags, corrugated boxes, or super-sacks can easily convert to bulk storage with substantial savings, using the FELCO® Portable Silo System.

  • Substantially reduce the capital outlay required for a bulk storage silo
  • Improve production costs through the benefit of lower bulk quantity pricing
  • The extremely strong FELCOLENE® woven polyolefin liner is tear and puncture resistant, and can safely accommodate up to 60,000 pounds of free-flowing granular or powdered substances
  • An empty silo provides for relocation flexibility as it can be readily moved as necessary
  • Easy assembly with no need for costly construction permits or special zoning requirements

FELCO® Bulk Liquid Container Systems

FELCO® Bulk Liquid Container Systems are the most cost-effective way to ship bulk liquids such as oil, wine and potable water free of contamination.

  • Sized to fit ISO shipping containers with cargo capacities up to 44,000 pounds
  • Can be equipped with valves for gravity discharge
  • Custom fabrications available
  • Ideal for one-way or re-use distribution

FELCO® Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers are ideal for shipping and storing dry, free flowing bulk materials.

  • Reduce handling, storage and freight costs
  • Reduce contamination
  • Easy to lift with cranes or fork-lifts
  • Reusable
  • Variety of configurations available