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CASL – Canadian Anti-Spam Law

Effective July 1st, 2014

There is new legislation in regards to how businesses communicate electronically in Canada. All commercial electronic messages (CEM) must follow the new law.

Please read over this summary document to become familiar with CASL.
Click here to download the Summay.

Links are provided in the document to the Canadian Government anti-spam site to provide more information.

The law stipulates that 3 elements be present in all CEM’s. The message must have/contain the following:

  • Consent – from the individual you are sending message to
  • Identification – Clearly list your full contact information
  • Unsubscribe – Simple way for receiver to opt out

More information can be found on the Governments website. Please see summary for links.

Any questions on this matter can be forwarded to the FELLFAB® Marketing Department.