Crew Rest Comfort Technology

FELLFAB® has developed the most comfortable Crew Rest Mattress to hit the sky. This innovative Crew Rest Mattress is designed with AirString Foam Technology. It retains its shape and spring-like properties for extra durability over an extended period of time. The FELLFAB® Crew Rest Mattress underwent Jounce and Squirm testing and excelled with 500,000 cycles with minimal overall height loss. The FELLFAB® Crew Rest Mattress is truly reaching new heights.

Other Features Include:

  • Lightweight, breathable & less heat retention
  • Remains comfortable over a long period of time
  • Environmentally friendly (100% recyclable).
  • Antimicrobial properties can be added
  • Meets the Flammability requirements of FAR 25.853
  • Passes the Smoke & Toxicity requirements of BSS 7238 & BSS 7239
  • No moisture absorption (Reduces probabilities of moisture/mold damage)

How it’s Fabricated:

Layer 1: Dress Cover Layer

  • Standard cover materials
  • Optional FELLFAB® fusion lamination
  • Optional durable nylon bottom layer

Layer 2: Fireblock Layer

Alternates under development

Layer 3: Comfort Layer

  • Air String Foam Technology

Proven Results:

The Crew Rest Mattress is Durable


The FELLFAB® Crew Rest Mattress has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it will remain durable over multiple uses over an extended time period. Using Jounce and Squirm testing, the Crew Rest Mattress was tested to 500,000 cycles. After the testing, the FELLFAB® Crew Rest Mattress was examined and there was minimal wear on cover, and only 6 mm in height loss. The AirString Foam Technology retains its spring-like properties, to remain durable while continuing to be comfortable over a long period of time.

FAA & FST Compliance

Flammability meets the requirements of FAR 25.853.

  • Average weight loss of 6.73%
  • Average burn length of 12”

Smoke meets the requirements of BSS 7238.

  • Smoke optical density of 17 (FAA & Boeing limit is 200)

Toxicity meets the requirements of BSS 7239