FELLFAB®‘s achievements can be seen in outer space as well as around the world. Our skills, our knowledge and our people have made us a leading manufacturer of highly specialized textile products for the aerospace industry.

We have been a supplier and a sub-contractor to major aerospace organizations and agencies for many years. Among our accomplishments, we are a proud supplier to the CANADARM 1 & 2 projects for the Space Shuttle Program and International Space Station.

FELLFAB® people – skilled and dedicated

We specialize in developing prototypes that meet precise customer specifications – and much of our success is because of our people. Our highly skilled development and engineering team provides the highest level of product performance and technical expertise from the front-end custom design stage through to the manufacturing and testing processes.

QMS certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D demonstrate our capability to meet the most rigorous performance criteria consistently and cost effectively. In addition, our manufacturing capabilities are enhanced by state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology and a contamination-free Class 100,000 Clean Room for the sensitive applications required by such a demanding industry. In-house test capabilities ensure we meet every customer specification.

Our Technology

Aerospace Products:


  • Aerospace robotics covers
  • Satellite communications textile covers
  • Space battery covers
  • Thermal insulation blankets

A Galaxy of Applications Designed for Success and Customer Satisfaction.

Applications for FELLFAB®’s abilities range from satellite communications to robotics. We manufacture high technology components such as thermal insulation blankets under the most stringent conditions using multi-layer, metalized films and materials.

And we employ strict project management, reporting and tracking procedures for high-level programs to ensure the highest level of product integrity.

“Setting up a contamination-free Clean Room was a huge challenge when we first began serving the aerospace industry. It also fundamentally changed the way we do business. We are now a sophisticated manufacturer with the expertise, capabilities, and flexibility to successfully serve an exciting and demanding market.”

– Don Fell