Three words describe FELLFAB®‘s strength in industrial markets: longevity, experience, and diversity.

More than 70 years experience in custom manufacturing textile-based solutions has taught us how to meet or exceed customer requirements for a wide range of industrial applications.

Industrial Products for Tomorrow

The uses that can be found for today’s modern fabrics and textiles are boundless. Our products range from lightweight, heavy-duty mailbags that are ergonomically designed to fit the human body to highly sophisticated insulation panels for nuclear reactors. Industrial textiles are used in a wide range of applications across various industries including aerospace, construction, marine, oil & gas, mining, and agriculture. Our Industrial product line includes products under the FELLFAB®, FELCO®, and FELCOLENE® names.

FELCO® Product Line
Our FELCO® product line extends itself to durable storing solutions for flexible free-flowing dry bulk materials. The advantage of using a FELCO® product is that it can be collapsed and can be easily set up for transport or used in a single location for storage. This system eliminates the need to store individual boxes or bags, minimizes floor space by offering high volume per square foot storage, and can be relocated as needed.

Is a patented woven polyolefin liner that is extremely durable. It is tear and puncture resistant and was designed to be compatible with most free-flowing granular substances.

Industrial Products:

  • Industrial curtains & soft wall partitions for many in-plant applications
  • Custom designed shipping covers for transformers.
  • Elevator cab pads
  • Engineered heavy equipment covers
  • Innovative machinery covers
  • Scaffold wrapping & blankets
  • Geomembranes
  • Insulation panels
  • Locomotives covers
  • Mail Carrier bags
  • Nuclear Insulation panels
  • Reusable Envelopes
  • Utility Tents
  • Insulated weather barriers
  • Reusable envelopes
  • Wind tower transportation and blade covers
  • FELCO ® Bulk Liquid Container Systems
  • FELCO ® Container Liner Systems
  • FELCO ® Portable Silo Systems
  • FELCO® Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers
  • FELCOLENE® Material Covers



Our goal is to exceed customer requirements for a wide range of industrial applications.

These products include many types of protective covers for machinery and heavy equipment, custom designed shipping covers for transformers, locomotives and aircraft wings, insulation panels and curtains for many in-plant applications, elevator cab pads and various types of mail and newspaper carrier bags.

We manufacture customized robot covers, an increasingly important application in today’s automated world where we need to ensure that robotic equipment can run 24 hours a day in all conditions.

Finding Customized Solutions

But the uses for our products are far more varied. Our designers, engineers, and sales executives are experts who can work with you – at your location ‑ to design and develop customized, cost-effective high performance products that meet your specific needs.

We can provide total project management from conception to completion. It’s all part of our commitment to enter long-term relationships with our customers.

We are capable of undertaking low-volume runs of unique and complex items as well as providing first articles and prototypes. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrates our ability to deliver high quality and meet rigid performance criteria, on time and on budget.

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