FELLFAB® has been designing and fabricating rail products for seating and interiors for more than 68 years. Today’s global transportation industry is continuously modernizing as it journeys towards an exciting future.  FELLFAB® is traveling right along with it, we are a leading supplier to the passenger rail and transportation industry.

A value-added partnership

We offer the widest range of products in North America to meet industry requirements, including seat cushions, covers, curtains and carpets.

We offer both quality replacement and refurbishment product solutions. In addition, our value-added services include full design capability that allows us to work directly with seat designers and OEMs in developing full seat assemblies.

Latest Technology

Rail Products:

  • Bogie covers
  • Engine covers
  • Fabricated foam cushions
  • Fireblock foam
  • Locomotive covers
  • Rail bottom cushions
  • Rail carpet
  • Rail cushion seating foam
  • Rail cushions covers
  • Rail seat covers
  • Rail seat Repair & Refurbishment
  • Rail seating headrests


  • American Public Transportation Association

For 68 years we have been a leading supplier to the passenger rail and transportation industry designing and fabricating seating and interiors.

Our innovative designers and engineers go the extra mile to better understand our customers and the challenges they face. They are constantly developing new and cost-effective products, driven by a strong commitment to quality, manufacturing excellence, and production efficiency.

They can quote to drawing or design to meet any requirement. Their skills are backed by long-term project and inventory management capability and the ability to manage large programs.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrates our capability to meet the most rigorous performance criteria consistently and cost effectively.

At FELLFAB®, a member of the American Public Transportation Association, we are full partners in helping to develop modern transportation systems.

“At FELLFAB® we are proud of our ability to meet new market demands for constantly evolving modern transportation systems. We believe we are partners in developing ever greater cost efficiencies and transportation improvements.”

Glen Fell


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