Dallas, Texas, USA – April 23, 2021 FELLFAB (Texas) Inc. in an amicable transaction, is acquiring the ownership interest of AccuFleet, Inc. to become its wholly-owned subsidiary, Airline Fabricare Systems, L.L.C., under the FELLFAB® Group of Companies.

Airline Fabricare Systems, L.L.C was incorporated in 2001. Customers, Suppliers, and Employees will continue to benefit as the company continues to grow to become an industry leader in the management of soft goods for Aviation and related markets.

Airlines are in the business of flying passengers and cargo. At Airline Fabricare Systems, L.L.C. we believe we can offer “First Flight Appearance at Least Cost to the Customer” using our Airline Fabricare Systems® model for soft goods management, according to Glen Fell, Member Owner.

Airline Fabricare Systems® will continue operations at the Dallas location and service its customers across the nation. All the products and services that we offer will remain the same with no changes for our customers or suppliers.

The acquisition is expected to close late June 2021.

Airline Fabricare Systems, L.L.C. is a 20-year-old privately owned company headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

For more information about Airline Fabricare Systems, L.L.C. please
visit, www.afsystems.com or email Andy Albert, President, andy.albert@afsystems.com.

For more information about FELLFAB®; please visit, www.fellfab.com.

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: To download a copy of the official press release click here.