It truly is an exciting time at FELLFAB®. The company continues to grow by developing new products and reaching out to new customers. Under the leadership of company President Eric Taylor, the Senior Management team has appointed Nick Efthimiadis as Vice President of Sales and John Evans as Plant Manager (Hamilton, ON).

Vice President of Sales –Nick Efthimiadis
Mr. Efthimiadis, in his new role as Vice President of Sales brings to the company a vast knowledge of strategic selling strategies and specializes in introducing new products to the marketplace utilizing a wide range of innovative sales and marketing approaches. Part of FELLFAB®’s success can be attributed to the company’s ability to develop/engineer new soft good solutions for the markets it serves. Mr. Efthimiadis will lead his North American Sales Team in promoting these innovative products to the various markets FELLFAB® serves; Aviation, Rail, Military/First Responders, Industrial and Aerospace.

A proven performer, one of Mr. Efthimiadis’s many talents is the ability to continually develop his staff’s skills and abilities and has a proven track record of developing world class Sales Teams. His business development philosophies align itself seamlessly with the company’s aggressive growth strategy and core belief in continuous improvement in all aspects of its operation.

The entire FELLFAB® team welcomes Mr. Efthimiadis to his new role and looks forward to working with him.

Plant Manager – John Evans
FELLFAB® is a captivating company that manufactures a multitude of innovative soft good products for the various Markets it serves. To ensue FELLFAB®’s world class manufacturing standards are met the Senior Management Team has brought on Mr. John Evans as Plant Manager to oversee the day to day manufacturing operations. Mr. Evans brings over 20 years of operational and managerial experience to FELLFAB®.

In this role Mr. Evans will incorporate his lean principles to manage the efficiency and operations of the plant which ultimately creates greater value for the customer. FELLFAB® is an AS9100C:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 registered company. Mr. Evans has a complete understanding of ISO and AS9100 protocols and will manage the plant accordingly to comply with the standards.

A complete understanding of process improvement, warehouse management and overall operational excellence will further benefit FELLFAB® and all of its customers.

The FELLFAB® team welcomes Mr. Evans to his new position and looks forward to working with him.

FELLFAB® is a 60 year old privately owned company headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The company also operates two US manufacturing facilities in Atlanta, Georgia and Fort Worth, Texas. FELLFAB® provides its customers with a variety of engineered products/soft goods made out of specialty textiles for the Military, Transportation and Industrial markets. The company manufactures a vast assortment of load carriage and specialty tactical equipment, interior airline and rail textile products including seating and carpeting and a multitude of textile Industrial products. For more information about FELLFAB® please visit:

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