Modernize the way you hang the curtains in your commercial aircraft.  Our new FELLFAB ClipIT™ curtain hanging clip revolutionizes the way traditional curtains are hung. The patent pending hanging solution has been designed to work with your existing curtain track. The innovative FELLFAB ClipIT™ curtain clip reduces overall curtain weight, improves appearance, and installs with ease.

*Eliminates horizontal snaps
*Attaches/Releases vertically
*Reduces header thickness (stacking)
*Reduces overall curtain weight
*Simplifies installation

A great design benefit of the FELLFAB ClipIT™ is that it can be installed or removed directly on-wing. No special tools or hardware required.

The unique shape of the FELLFAB ClipIT™ dramatically reduces the header thickness due to stiffener elimination. This changes the way the curtain hangs, making it more aesthetically pleasing as it hangs perfectly straight and closer to the curtain track.


FELLFAB ClipIT™ curtain clips are designed to be installed in FELLFAB™ manufactured curtains. The curtain headers have a unique design to accept the FELLFAB ClipIT™ curtain clips. This design reduces overall curtain weight, as well as allows the curtain to hang closer to the curtain track, almost eliminating any space between the two.

FELLFAB ClipIT™ curtain clips can also be purchased individually.

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