FELLFAB® announced today its exclusive North American distribution agreement with ClearCabin, LLC to bring FELLFAB® ClearCar, the premier anti-microbial barrier solution, to the commercial aviation, passenger rail, motor coach and bus markets.  FELLFAB® ClearCar is a wipe on barrier solution for viral, bacterial, algae, and fungal challenges lasting up to 90 days.  FELLFAB® ClearCar is today’s preferred solution for railcar cabins, aircraft cabins, bus interiors, taxis, and ridesharing vehicles. FELLFAB® ClearCar is equally effective in the mobile shelter market, keeping the interior of emergency tents and shelters ready for today’s challenges.

Extensive aircraft and rail car interior cleaning is fast becoming a requirement in our markets,” said Nick Efthimiadis, President of the FELLFAB® group of operating companies. “With the ClearCabin agreement, FELLFAB® raises the bar in providing total interiors solutions to its longstanding airline and transit authority customers.”

“ClearCabin, LLC has an amazing system.  FELLFAB® has an amazing reach within the commercial aviation, rail, coach, and bus markets.  Together, we bring a comprehensive approach to widely regarded concerns that have arisen in these unprecedented times, namely COVID-19.” said Sean Dorgan, President of ClearCabin, LLC

Powered by Prevent-X, FELLFAB® ClearCar is an antimicrobial barrier treatment originally marketed for the commercial transportation industry. Surfaces coated with this barrier are protected from microbes, including the Covid-19 virus (surrogate). An invisible bio-barrier coating is applied to surfaces. The barrier acts as sharp blades to microbes. When microbes come in contact with the treated surface, they are punctured and destroyed.

  • Up to 90 Day Antimicrobial Coating
  • Safely Halts the Spread of Germs
  • Effective on Hard & Soft Surfaces
  • Dries Within Minutes
  • Bonds to all Surfaces
  • Registered with the EPA as a Bacteriostatic Agent
  • Safe for Food Prep & Serving Surfaces
  • Odorless & Colorless
  • Creates a Safe Environment for Employees and Customers
  • Invisibly Protects Surfaces from Deterioration
  • Makes Future Cleanings Easier


FELLFAB® is a 68-year-old privately owned company headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The company also operates three US manufacturing facilities in; Atlanta, Georgia, Fort Worth, Texas, and Mooresville, North Carolina. FELLFAB® provides its customers with a variety of engineered products made from specialty textiles as well as fabricated foam products for the transportation, military, and industrial markets. The company manufactures interior airline and rail products including seat covers, cushions, curtains, and carpet, a vast assortment of load carriage and tactical equipment for the military, as well as a multitude of textile products for the industrial market. For more information about FELLFAB® please visit, www.fellfab.com  or email, info@fellfab.com.

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ABOUT ClearCabin®
ClearCabin is the sister company to The Leather Institute, both headquartered in New Jersey and covering the Northeast as well as satellite locations in the Midwest and South Florida. ClearCabin and The Leather Institute are the leaders in Antimicrobial Treatments as well as Interior Care, Maintenance, and Restoration Programs for Business, Corporate, and VVIP Aircraft.

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