FELLFAB® has renewed its membership with CECA, the Canadian Elevator Contractors Association. Having been a member of CECA since 1998, it marks our 23rd consecutive membership year. FELLFAB® is a leading Canadian manufacturer of Elevator Pads and accessories.

Elevator Pads provide protection to passenger elevator cab interiors when people are moving objects in and out of an elevator. They are typically hung when people are moving int or out of an apartment or condo building.  Elevator Pads protect the walls from dings and scratches. Some buildings will hang them for a few days each month to accommodate its residents. Elevator Pads may appear to look similar to moving pads but they are vastly different. Elevator Pads have to comply to building and fire codes.

CECA is a non-profit organization of elevator contractors and suppliers. They have been serving the interests of independent elevator contractors and vertical lift suppliers in Canada since 1972. The association along with its members are a voice for the industry and stay on top of regulations, safety, and industry technologies.  They are active with colleges and universities to promote the industry and train the next generation of elevator engineers, designers, service individuals, and programmers.

Learn more about CECA on their website: https://ceca-acea.org/

A copy of our 2021 member certificate.