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Unishelter Bivy


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The Unishelter bivy is the easiest shelter to get in and out of. The single hoop pole provides clear space around your head and shoulders allowing you to move and to read a book. On dry evenings roll the top fabric down to waist level and enjoy bug free stargazing.

In wet weather keep the top fabric partially unzipped under the protective eyebrow peak for ventilation. The Unishelter is long enough for a person up to 6 ft 7″ and is wide enough from hip to foot to accommodate a full length sleeping pad and fully lofted winter sleeping bag. Heavy duty coated Oxford nylon floor (coated ripstop nylon multicam floor on multicam model)

Length: 92″-fits to 6’7″
Width: 33″ at shoulders, to 22″ at foot
Girth: 74″ at shoulders, to 52″ at foot
Height: 25″ head height
Packed Size: 18″ long x 5″ diam

Olive Green (1,150g)
Woodland camo (1,300g)
Desert camo (1,320g)
ACU camo (1,300g)
MultiCam with coated nylon multicam floor (1,400g)

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 20 in

Woodland, Universal Camoflague Pattern, Multicam, Canadian Average Green, 3 Colour Day Desert, Olive Green/olive Drab, Navy


5 X 8 feet, One Size Only – See Details