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FELLFAB® Fastening System

FELLFAB® is now offering its customers a superior line of hook and loop fasteners called the FELLFAB® Fastening System.

The FELLFAB® Fastening System is an FAR 25.853, A-A-55126A certified hook and loop fastener that offers great performance, quick delivery all at a very competitive price. FELLFAB® Fastening System hook and loop is offered in a variety of colours and sizes.

Interested in testing it out? – Please contact Anu Gill at anu.gill@fellfab.com for a product sample.

Certified to: FAR25.853

Physical & Chemical Characteristics

  • Resistance to heat – Softening point 180°C, melting point 215-200°C
  • Resistance to cold – No change at -30°C for 5 hours
  • Resistance to water – Retain 50% of closure strength in water and recovers 100% of strength after drying
  • Resistance to chemicals
    • Alkalis – Resistant to 50% caustic soda and 25% ammonia solutions
    • Acids – Resistant to 7% hydrochloric acid, 20% sulphuric acid and 10% nitric acid solutions
  • Not affected by influence of insects and mold